The below list of commands represnets those needed to work on a group project or an open-source project hosted on GitHub or similar.

- git fork //once at the beginning of the project. Do this on the GitHub website where the upstream repository is kept. Copy the link for cloning from here. (In the green “Code” button)

- `$git clone <url>` //once to your local folder. Paste the url you copied from GitHub after forking. Make sure to clone your forked copy of the code, not the upstream project. Otherwise, you’ll make direct changes to their…

Deploying a C-R-A Project with Heroku

I took the plunge into software development last year by attending a bootcamp at Codeop in full-stack development nearly at the start of the pandemic lockdown. Right at the end of the course, we had a lecture on deploying our work using Heroku. This is what I learnt from that session and also what I learnt subsequently when attempting to deploy different projects. I hope it can be useful to others who are starting out on their web dev journey.

Firstly, it is good to note, that before deploying to Heroku, it is good…

Abstract: I will briefly summarize what I learned about Ruby on Rails on the fantastic free bootcamp run by John Crepezzi. In short, what I’ve learnt is that Ruby is a dynamically typed, high-level, object-oriented programming language that is used by the Rails framework. Rails follows an MVC architecture. It considered an “opinionated”, forcing the developer to be organized and logical in their code structure and naming conventions. There are strict rules that can’t be broken and this allows beginners to learn good software engineering practice right from the start of their learning pathway. I also found out that Rubyists…

Erica Calogero

Erica is a recent full-stack bootcamp graduate with special interests in 3D, VR, XR, knitting, crafting and design.

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